Property Management

  • Our commitment to excellence is all pervading and does not stop just at our execution capabilities. It goes much beyond. That is why, soon after completing our projects , our Property Management division takes over to ensure that everything is shipshape and attended to with professional expertise – be it the safety and security of the premise , housekeeping or horticultural maintenance – we do not give ourselves room for excuses at maintaining our quality standards .
  • At GM Builders, the comfort and well being of our customers is paramount and banking on our inherent quality of giving our undivided attention to detail has only ensured that our customers get nothing but the best. With such value added services we have and continue to win the trust of many.


  • Every environment has its own identity. And its identity is defined by its interiors. We at GM Builders offer Interior Design Services to customers in association with leading interior designers to create nonpareil environs that speak volumes. We have crafted the interiors for a wide variety of residential and commercial environments and are equipped to offer a range of solutions based on customer needs and budgets. A team of professionals handles implementation, ensuring timely deliveries without cost overruns. Designing of interiors is taken on as a turnkey project. We work in co-ordination with famed interior designers to create wondrous environs.


  • Whether you are selling an apartment or a large family home, we can help. We put clients at the heart of what we do. At GM Builders, we have created an environment that nurtures the best people in the business and genuinely allows us to give the best advice - the sort of advice you would give your family. What can be a life-changing process for many people selling a property is handled with care, discretion, service and professionalism at all times. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market, combined with our extensive network, means that we are able to match property to the best possible buyer. Backed up by a Research Department that is second to none, we can provide market valuations you can really trust.